Feeling lousy the morning after partying is due to a combination of factors, and that's why Rewind Party Gummies contain a combination of solutions. We developed over 150 iterations to optimize taste and functionality, combining organic blueberry juice with soluble prebiotics, key metabolites, and alcohol redox co-factors. Rewind is rationally designed to help your body metabolize alcohol and its toxic byproducts, target harmful levels of homocysteine, and reestablish a happy equilibrium.
Our patent-pending Hypersoluble Antioxidant and Metabolite (HypeAM) technology combines soluble fiber with soluble functional ingredients in order to slow their absorption in the body and thus extend their bioavailability. This is crucial since alcohol byproducts persist for hours, so it's essential that a truly optimized alcohol aid be engineered to match those pharmacokinetics.
Rewind Party Gummies are drug-free (no CBD!)

 Rewind Party Gummies



Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ)

PQQ is a natural enzyme co-factor that powers the enzymes in your body which metabolize alcohol and its toxic byproducts, and preclinical research shows that it protects against hepatotoxicity associated with alcohol use.



Famous for being a component of grape skins (ie. red wine), this neutral-tasting stilbene has been shown in preclinical research to inhibit oxidative stress caused by alcohol in both the liver and brain.


Blue spirulina extract

Blue spirulina extract (98% phycocyanin) is a deep blue pigment that acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective compound. Additionally, preclinical studies show that it can mitigate alcohol-induced liver injury.


Dihydromyrecetin (DHM)

 DHM is a necessary component of any successful alcohol aid supplement, and it is backed up by numerous clinical studies. DHM helps guard against "GABA rebound" which is one of the causes of feeling so lousy the morning after a long night of partying.